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Wed, Aug. 10th, 2011, 03:52 pm
Storage Room Collection: 2 Boxes

The first set of photos of things I don't use but just can't part with - at least not yet. I've been getting rid of things non-stop for the past 6-12 months, and this is what remains. A few items I've tried to sell to no avail, they are marked with red boxes around them.
Today I'm showcasing 2 Boxes: CDs, DVDs, Magazines, Books, Photos, Yearbooks, Paperwork, Decorations/Wall Art, Mementos





Photo Albums

Extensively weeded through, I recycled bad pictures, scanned and recycled OK ones, and was left with these. I could scan and recycle these, but I'd like to have something physical to show my hypothetical future child.


Recycled my high school one, since it was huge, I didn't know 85% of the people in it, and it was water damaged.

Binder with Papers

Also extensively weeded through, I'm left with about a quarter of the papers I had a few months ago. I'm keeping some stuff for sentimental reasons, like drawings from elementary school, but this binder also houses medical and financial papers my mom might need should something happen to me.
The binder is from freshman year of high school.

Decorations/Former Wall Art

Miscellaneous Sentimental Stuff

A Better Look - Miscellaneous Sentimental Stuff

For larger pictures, more descriptions, and the "fan" stuff I can't part with, check out my set on flickr: Storage Room

Sat, Aug. 13th, 2011 12:51 pm (UTC)

Ah, the yearbooks!!! And the Rini lunch tin!